The Search Continues

As I sat watching the Feasting On Asphalt on the Cooking Network tonight, I realized that I took on this site for more reasons than just review restaurants.  I’m on a quest, a quest for the best of what Albuquerque has to offer.  I say Albuquerque because that’s where I live, but honestly, I want the best food the world has to offer. 

I’m a Food Network Junkie and Feasting on Asphalt has become my roadmap.  I watched in awe as Mr. Alton Brown went from Donut shop to Donut shop, trying each one of them, allowing them to choose the best of the best and judging textures, tastes and a variety of other factors to really decide, which place had the best donuts?  Then I think of Albuquerque and wonder, Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme?  There has to be more, as a matter of fact I KNOW there are more, but this is a perfect example.  Where are the homegrown stores?  Where are the little mom and pop shops that have been doing their brand of delicious eats for 50 years and know half of their customers by name?  Where are the places that know how to do food right and were started with such a passion they had no choice but to succeed, even if their name remains hidden among the chain stores? 

I’m here to seek you out!  I’m here to find out what is the best of the best of Albuquerque, not just for myself, but for you.  I want to support local business and bring about a change in the answer to what is for dinner.  I want real food from real people and I will not stop searching.  Join with me Albuquerque, let me know of your favorite stops, the places that only you know about.  As nice as it is to keep that little corner store to yourself, do them a favor and support their business.  I’ll let them know you sent me (only if I write a nice review, I promise). 

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