First garden

I’ve started working on my garden and I have to say, it’s an ambitious plan. I have planted 4 fruit trees and have 2 more to go, 5 berry bushes and have at least 3 more to go (up to 8 if the other 5 survive), and several dozen plant starts.  I just started a new round of seed germination as a good bunch of what I originally planted didn’t make it. 

I bought 3 greenhouses from Home Depot and if you are planning on starting from seed, I highly suggest it.  When I started planting seeds, they germinated without any issue.  Then they started getting really really tall and most of them eventually collapsed on themselves.  I think it was a mixture of things, but after doing a little research, I found that they grew really long looking for light.  As soon as I got them into the seed starting greenhouse and put them outside, they stopped growing up and started “bulking up.”  So now the ones that survived how sprouted their first set of “true” leaves and have a strong set of roots and ready for transplanting. 

Home Depot Seed Starting greenhouse   This will hold quite a lot of seed starting trays, so you really only need one and for 25 bucks, it’s definitely worth the investment.  I’m not sure how long they’ll last, but even if it only lasts a season (which I think it was last several if I take care of it) it will be worth it.  Buying plants from starters is a lot more expensive than buying seeds.  I want to try a LOT of different plants, so I’m not going to find everything I want as a starter anyway.  I may end up getting some kind of grow light setup, but I think instead of that, I’ll just setup a full size greenhouse and do my starts in there. 

I’ll be doing a video soon, but trying to figure out my camera setup so that I get you guys a high quality video.  Let me know what you are growing and how you start your garden!