It’s all about the food.

I eat a lot of food, every day I eat at least 3 different times and I’ve been doing that for over 33 years now.  Granted there are times I miss a meal here and there, then again there are those times when I go for more than my daily recommended dose.  I guess you could say that makes me an expert.

It’s not just about eating food though, it’s about tasting it.  It’s about enjoying the food as it gets shoveled down your gullet, really and truly enjoying every bite, every flavor, every texture.  There is more to food than the nutritional values.

I cook, I go out to eat a lot, I am a Food Network Junkie and with all that, it’s time I do something with all my studying and useless food knowledge.  So here it begins, a Blog about food.  My plan is to review restaurants, recipes, techniques, anything and everything in my little world of food.

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